Angela’s Story

Angela’s Fund was set up by Linda, Mike & Mark Butcher to carry on the fundraising by their daughter / sister Angela who died of small cell ovarian cancer on 1 January 2013.

At the age of 30 in March 2012 Angela began experiencing the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer but due to her age, it took several months for her to be diagnosed. An operation in July 2012 revealed it was ovarian cancer but it took until September 2012 to establish that it was a very rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer, called small cell.

A further operation was planned but unfortunately it was cancelled on the day as the cancer had spread to her vital organs. Angela was put on palliative chemotherapy.

Whilst researching her disease, it was clear to Angela that there was a huge gap in research and knowledge when it came to small cell (she could only find one website with any information on the disease), and this was something she wanted to change.

Angela was determined to fundraise to get research started, to give hope to women diagnosed with small cell in the future. Her first event, an open house fete in November 2012, raised over £4,000! Angela continued to fundraise throughout her treatment at UCLH and latterly St. John’s Hospice. She raised an incredible £8,000 before she passed away.

Angela’s family sent a proposal to the gynaecological cancer research charity, The Eve Appeal, and their board agreed that Angela’s money, which was now at £10,000, could be ring fenced specifically for starting a research programme in small cell ovarian cancer.

Inspired by Angela and The Eve Appeal, Angela’s family and friends have kept her legacy alive and to this date, Angela’s Fund has raised an incredible £130,000 and has been the primary funder of the Small Cell Ovarian Cancer Project run by Cambridge University and UCL.

Angela Butcher
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