Small Cell Ovarian Cancer

The Small Cell Ovarian Cancer Patient Registry is collecting patient samples internationally to support research into this rare cancer.

The Patient Registry

If you have been diagnosed with small cell ovarian cancer and you would like to support research, you can join the patient registry by contacting

About Small Cell Ovarian Cancer

Progress to date

Over the last few years we have made fantastic progress in small cell research, including launching the patient registry and the first ever international symposium for small cell ovarian cancer research.

Angela’s Fund

The small cell patient registry has been made possible thanks to Angela’s Fund, which has raised over £130,000 for small cell research through The Eve Appeal.

The Small Cell Consortium

In 2018 a consortium was set up for researchers working on small cell ovarian cancer. The consortium will work together on building the patient registry and moving small cell ovarian cancer research forward.

About The Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is the only UK charity focused on funding research and raising awareness into risk prediction, prevention and screening technologies for the five gynaecological cancers.

The Eve Appeal

Do you have questions about the patient registry or our small cell research programme?