Small Cell Consortium

In July 2018 the first consortium was held bringing together researchers from across the world who have an interest in small cell ovarian cancer.

The consortium aims to better understand how small cell develops, what the risks are for SMARCA4 mutation carriers and how in the future we might be able to screen for small cell in women at a higher risk.

The group was organised by Dr Marc Tischkowitz from Cambridge University. The first meeting was held in London and attended by a range of specialists including clinicians, pathologists, and basic scientists.

Together the group discussed research in small cell ovarian cancer, and will continue to share information, knowledge and resources. The results of which are currently being written for publication. As the patient registry builds, there will be open access to the samples so that all researchers in the area can use the registry to their advantage.

By pooling knowledge and resources, the different expertise of the consortium will help power forward the much needed research into small cell ovarian cancer.

An introduction to small cell ovarian cancer, presented by Dr Marc Tischkowitz.
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